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Letters on Charter Schools

Two friends of AMPS, Gary Stout and Beth Swedeen in response to the recent Wisconsin State Journal editorial had good letters on charter schools in the Sunday edition.  Here they are: Apples/oranges comparison Charter Schools are successful for the same … Continue reading

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We Are Not Alone #23 – Wisconsin Referenda Roundup, Tuesday, September 9, 2008 votes.

[Updated with more video on Montello, Sptember 7, 2008, 11:45AM] The number of school districts seeking sufficient funding via referenda this Fall (September and November) keeps growing. My count is 20 districts committed to 23 referenda questions (12 questions in … Continue reading

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Letter to Board of Education on High School Redesign

As part of my job, I recently attended a national conference from the Dept. of Education on effective transition for students with disabilities. A major part of the two-day conference focused on high school redesign and how the researched elements … Continue reading

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Let’s Focus on the Real Problem

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Legislature! They get the Academy Award for Best Performance in Reneging Responsibility and Passing the Buck. They also come out the winners in successfully failing to address a doomed public finance system for Wisconsin’s schools, while … Continue reading


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Next Steps on School Finance Reform: Take Action NOW

The Wisconsin Assembly has referred the Pope-Roberts resolution to reform public school finance by July 2009 to the “Education Reform” committee, chaired by Rep. Don Pridemore of Hartford in Washington County. People should be contacting Rep. Pridemore (267-2367, to … Continue reading


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Saving Our Schools: State Level Update and Next Steps

The Assembly Parlor was PACKED today for Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts’ press conference calling on the Legislature to reform school finance by July 2009. Speakers came from the Florence School District up north, Waukesha, Madison and Milwaukee. Madison West Senior Jacinth … Continue reading


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I Just Want to Be A School Volunteer Again: An Open Letter to Joint Finance the Governor Doyle on School Finance Reform

Dear Members of the Joint Committee on Finance and Gov. Doyle, I used to be an active parent volunteer in the Madison public schools. I helped with reading groups and on field trips when my children were in elementary school, … Continue reading


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WSJ Editorial Asks Legislature to Cut Public Schools Some Slack

Finally, some common sense. And from the Opinion Page of one of the state’s most conservative Editorial Boards. Today’s Wisconsin State Journal cautions communities to stop beating each other up over school finance woes and focus on the real culprit: … Continue reading


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WSJ Article/Letters on School Funding Crisis–Get Involved in Sending a Statewide Message

Today’s WSJ has a spread on the damage Wisconsin’s state funding formula is having on public education, including bulleted message points. These are great talking points for letters to the editor, and even more importantly, letters to members of Joint … Continue reading

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School Districts Statewide Face Referenda

The front page of the WSJ has an excellent story on the 52 school districts across Wisconsin (out of a total of 425) that face referenda on Tuesday. That’s 1 out of every 8 school districts in the state seeking … Continue reading

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