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Fins know secrets to school success

AMPS listserv member Lisa Pugh sent out this article from the recent U.S. News and World Report about why the Fins are leading the world in educational success for their students while also having the smallest achievement gap in the … Continue reading

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School Board Election Update Information

Election Day is April 3. Madison has a mayor’s race, several city council races and three city-wide Board of Education races. In the next two weeks, there will be a multitude of candidate forums for the public to learn first-hand … Continue reading

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NY Times Article on Reading First and MMSD’s Reading Program

AMPS is committed to the 3 P’s: public support, proven practices and proper funding for public education. This post is focused on proven practices. There’s been a lot of back-and-forth about whether MMSD made a wise choice in turning down … Continue reading


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Why this year is different for state public school funding

Many people in Madison continue to say that the district and its leadership (including the Board of Education) are helpless in changing the revenue caps and the way public education is funded in Wisconsin. They point out that the revenue … Continue reading

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AMPS listserv and website update

Hi all and welcome to AMPS…Advocates for Madison Public Schools. We’ve had an interesting first week as a website and obviously are still in the learning phases of our development. We encourage anyone who has resources or calendar items to … Continue reading

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Promising School Practices: How Many are a Part of YOUR School?

Author Thomas Armstrong, probably best known for his book Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, has written a new book called, The Best Schools: How Human Development Research Should Inform Educational Practice. He draws from the work of Montessori, Piaget, Freud, … Continue reading

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