Get Involved


Links to contact Elected Officials, Organizations and the Media Here.

— To contact, leave a comment here.  We’ll get back to you. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it <!– document.write( ” ); //–>

— Tell friends, colleagues and neighbors about the group and encourage them to join if they share a similar vision. Word-of-mouth is a powerful change agent.

— Give us ideas of what you would like to see on this website. We are a new group and are eager for useful content that will help support our members and our mission.

— Start writing letters to the editor, column ideas, etc. when you see items in the media that are well-done, or ones that are incomplete or are inaccurate. Help set the record straight in public forums such as blogs, newspapers, radio call-ins, etc.

— Start today! Write a letter to the editor with your own stories about how revenue caps have affected public education. Or, write about something exciting happening in your neighborhood school. Choose your topic, but get involved!

2 responses to “Get Involved

  1. Sue Howe

    T.J.-Could you give me the name of the woman who spoke on behalf of the PTO at the Save Our Schools rally. I would like to get some information from her.

    Thanks, Sue

  2. bill

    TO: Thomas J. Getz

    We talked today – HUGE misunderstanding and I have been harmed. Do not contact me from edgewood phone or email. I will do likewise.

    It will not be possible to collaborate and share with you on the ideas we talked about. In addition, I want absolutely nothing to do with Edgewood College.

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