The price of censorship

My daughter read this book in her middle school this past spring. I later watched the film with her, and while I was surprised by some of its rawness, it was a true story of transformative change of kids from an impoverished neighborhood who go on to attain college degrees. It was very inspirational.

The facts are these for this Indiana school. The book was in the library. The principal gave permission to use the book. Parents signed off on the book. The biggest problem going against this teacher was that the School Board appears to have had some 18 months of turmoil that started when a majority of board members ousted the School Superintendent. Sides were taken, tempers flared, and 10 folks ran for 3 spots on the School Board with the election just 2 months ago in May. The teacher decided to take her stand up against a new board & School Superintendent, who, perhaps, felt they had a mandate from the Perry Township citizens. Bad timing.

Robert Godfrey

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  1. One fact you didn’t get correct in your story is that the teacher did not take up her argument with the “new” school board and superintendent. This ordeal took place back in March and the new school board official takes over tomorrow night.

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