Education Stimulus?


Governor Doyle joined with his counterparts from NY, MA, NJ and OH in a conference call outlining their priorities for a stimulus package. The request includes $250 billion for education (including higher education) over the next two years.

I can’t find details of any specifics except a disturbing mention from Doyle that there should be a requirement that states spend at least as much as they had in 2006 on education.  I don’t think taking steps backward is the way to go.

President-Elect Obama gave vague lip service to education in his radio address this week.

Our Senator Russ Feingold made no mention of education in his list of priorities for 2009.  You can let him know that this isn’t acceptable here.

An earlier discussion of education and the stimulus from EdWeek here and related posts on AMPS here and here.

Thomas J. Mertz

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