School Funding Action – Florida

From MYFOX 35, Orlando.

This weekend thousands of Florida parents, teachers, students, administrators and community members took part in militant “Make Our Schools A Priority” protests against cuts in education.

The big event was the rally in Orlando reported in the video above (more here), but smaller actions have been held around  the state, some of which included legislators in attendance (examples here and here).

The economic situation, tax collections, the state budget and local school budgets are all in dire circumstances.  Some of this is detailed on the Channel13, Central Florida web site.  A couple of examples:

Brevard County:




Marion County:



I like the militancy, the mass actions and even the confrontational tone.   I sincerely believe that although things are nowhere near as bad in Wisconsin that after 15 years of annual cuts in educational opportunities we also have a crisis in school funding.   I worry that polite advocacy fails to communicate the reality of that crisis.

A Saturday, March 21 meeting of the Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee will be held at Miller Park.  This would be a great time to turn out some numbers for education and comprehensive education finance reform.

Back in Florida, the Legislature returns for a budget session on Tuesday facing a $700 million shortfall.  Governor Charlie Crist is scheduled to give his “State of the State” address on that day.

Hat tip to Sherman Dorn for making me aware of the goings on in Florida.

For more on school finance in Florida, see the National Access Network state page.

Thomas J. Mertz


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