600 Conservationists, 500 Motorcylists…How Many Advocates for Children & Families?


A message about the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families Advocacy Day at the Capitol, March 18.  The Wisconsin Association of School Boards is having their Day at the Capitol on March 18 also.  It would be a good day to join the crowds “Raising Voices” for children.

It’s that season again, when numerous organizations bring their members and supporters to the State Capitol, to meet with legislators on key issues in the state budget. Our friends at the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters packed the Capitol last week with 600 conservationists. And the “motorcycle issue experts” brought eight (8!) busloads of bikers to the Capitol last Thursday.

The Wisconsin Council on Children & Families is also hosting a “lobby day” where concerned residents can learn more about how the state budget is likely to impact kids & families and get an opportunity to meet with their elected representatives.

WCCF’s 2009 “Advocacy Day at the Capitol” is the afternoon of Wednesday, March 18th.

We certainly hope that there are as many Wisconsin residents motivated to take just a few hours to come to the Capitol to advocate for kids & families (especially in these tough economic times) as are concerned about motorcyclists’ rights.

Given the nearly $6 billion state budget deficit, it’s more important than ever that advocates raise their voices to tell Wisconsin’s legislators that our state budget needs to prioritize and preserve programs and services that vulnerable children and families reply upon – especially quality child care, health care, safety net programs and access to skill training and education.

This free, fun event is a great way for you to network with other concerned residents from around Wisconsin, and to ensure that legislators hear loud & clear from YOU that issues that matter to kids and families should be at the top of their priority list during their budget deliberations.

We hope you’ll join us – and bring a car or busload of friends, colleagues or neighbors! for WCCF’s 2009 “Advocacy Afternoon in the Capitol” from 12:30-4:00 on Wednesday, March 18th.

Governor Doyle will be speaking, along with legislative leaders. Click here for more information or to register for this free event: http://www.wccf. org/event_ lobbyday_ 2009.php

Lets make sure that Wisconsin’s State Capitol is full to overflowing on the afternoon of March 18th with the voices of parents, teachers, child care & health care professionals, advocates, service providers and other residents from all across the state, all chiming in together to make sure that the state budget ensures the economic prosperity and well-being of all of our state’s kids and families.
Click here for a printable flier and to register: http://www.wccf. org/event_ lobbyday_ 2009.php
Questions? Need more information? Contact Vicky Selkowe at vselkowe@wccf. org or (608) 284-0580, ext. 326.

Visit www.wccf.org for more information about the state budget.

Thomas J. Mertz

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