School Budget Talk — Gov. Doyle and Sup. Nerad and Others

From WKOW, Channel 27, Madison.

Nobody seems to be saying much about what was discussed, but the little that is being said doesn’t sound good.  In fact, it sounds like Governor Doyle is looking for some cover for his previously expressed opinion that “cuts to education..will be necessary.”

Governor Doyle is wrong.  Cuts instead of investments are both unwise and unnecessary.  In these times of economic crisis, Wisconsin needs bold leadership in order to set a new path toward growth.  It would be a huge mistake to continue along the unsustainable “quick fix,” “no new taxes,” road that brought our state and our nation to the edge of collapse and puts our children’s future at risk.

Let your elected officials know that you would support moving Wisconsin in a new and better direction.

Thomas J. Mertz


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2 responses to “School Budget Talk — Gov. Doyle and Sup. Nerad and Others

  1. Jackie Woodruff

    It concerns me that the story of Gov Doyle meeting with School Sup Nerad and others story ran on May 11 (one week ago) and the folks at MMSD have yet to send out a press release or update their own webpage to show that the MMSD 2009-10 budget passed almost two weeks ago.

    As a parent of children attending MMSD and as a tax payer is it so much to expect that passing a budget would be newsworthy?

  2. These were posted on the district site: “2009-10 school district budget approved unanimously;
    Board passes two amendments affecting elementary schools
    ,” and “Yawning state budget gap balloons to $6.6 billion.”

    However, the budget page has not been updated and the amendments are nowhere to be found as of this morning.

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