Quotes of the Day — A Tale of Two Governors

Illinois Governor Quinn

[Illinois Governor Patrick] Quinn laid out what a “doomsday” budget might look like if lawmakers “slash and burn” their way to close a deficit of at least $11.6 billion instead of going along with his plan to boost taxes.

“In a tough time we don’t want history to say the people of Illinois threw a lot of their fellow citizens overboard because they didn’t want to make any sacrifices or tough choices,” Quinn told reporters after detailing a litany of possible cuts to more than 300 people at the City Club of Chicago, a local civic club.


Chicago Tribune.

[Wisconsin Governor Jim] Doyle, when asked by a reporter what he would do if the Democratic-controlled Legislature sent him a budget with sales or income tax increases, responded, “I hope that does not come to my desk.”

MMSD Today.

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