Truth and Spin (Quotes of the Day)


The three-legged stool is now down to one leg.

Will that leave either schools or taxpayers wobbly? Will the last leg fall, too?

In any case, Wisconsin’s old order for how to fund schools is coming to an end, and what comes next remains to be decided, perhaps two years from now when the next state budget is adopted. Pressure for an overhaul is growing, even as economic realities are providing strong pressure to hold down budgets.

School funding getting precarious” Alan J. Borsuk and Amy Hetzner, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Now the spin:

With this budget package, Democrats have strengthened K-12…education.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Chair Mike Tate.

Since this was in a press release, there is no report  whether Tate managed to keep a straight face while forming these words.

Thomas J. Mertz

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