Wisconsin School Budget and Tax Levy Roundup

mp_main_half_SchoolMoneySidewalk212Like Madison, many Wisconsin School Districts will be finalizing their 2009-10 budget and tax levies tonight (Monday, October 26, 2009).  Some have previously been highlighted on AMPS — most recently West Bend — , the struggles to deal with declining state funding has been documented in many posts, as has the trend of Not Taxing to the Max to keep property taxes as low as possible but it has been impossible to keep up with all the news.

That’s why I’m offering some linked recent school budget related headlines.  Just reading these gives a good idea of how hard things are for districts.  Click a few and get more of the sad details.

When you are done, click one more link and sent a note to Governor Jim Doyle, your State Senator and your State Representative.  If we don’t pull their heads out of the sand, next year will be even worse and the following years I don’t want to think about.

This is far from comprehensive and they are in no particular order.

Schools see decline in state aid

Rapids School Board approves 12 percent tax rate increase

Higher school property taxes stress Fox Valley homeowners in grips of recession

Despite cuts, West Salem school taxes going up

School superintendents share money woes during forum

Most area school districts lose state aid

District to consider nearly 19 percent levy increase at tonight’s budget hearing

State forces schools to raise taxes

Cuts in aid put more of the burden on taxpayers

Board retools school budget

State aid estimate lowered; tax levy raised

School aid loss hits Chippewa Falls taxpayers

School board reduces tax increase to 11.55 percent

Fewer state dollars blamed for EC school tax hike

Altoona taxpayers to pay more for schools

Osseo-Fairchild school taxes rising 6.2 percent

Portage school deficit goes up; expected millage rate goes down

Decrease in state aid challenges Marshfield-area school districts

Read’em and weep, then get active.

Thomas J. Mertz

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