Ain’t that Special? — Doyle Calls Legislative Session (Updated)

Louise Max, 'Blue Plate Special" (click image for more).

Lame Duck, pretend “Friend of Education” Governor Jim Doyle has called a special legislative session to consider his Race to the Top lottery inspired Mayoral Control proposal and the insane proposal to give the State Superintendent the power to take control of any district for any reason he deems sufficient.  The executive order is here; press release here.

The Wisconsin Sate Journal is reporting that Democratic leaders in both the Senate and the Assembly are not enthusiastic.

However, Senator Jeff Plale is in the bag.

Ed Garvey hits the right notes in his reaction.

The timing of this special session will limit public input on the proposal to limit public input (Kafkaesque?),  With that in mind,  I’m posting some public comment.  Here are two videos from a recent anti-Mayoral Control protest:

For much more, see this recent roundup on AMPS.


Representatives Grigsby and Colon also issued press releases.  I liked this from Grigsby:

At this point, it goes without saying that the governor’s proposed mayoral takeover is not the only option for reforming Milwaukee Public Schools. I am working to ensure that the “RACE for Success” receives consideration at any Special Session in which mayoral takeover is pushed upon the legislature. Of course, I would prefer that any legislation related to the future of MPS go through the normal legislative process, a process which would ensure public input, but Governor Doyle seems intent on avoiding that opportunity. Any legislation on the future of Milwaukee Public Schools deserves a public hearing, but both proposals for education reform should be heard if the legislature enters into a Special Session.

Thomas J. Mertz

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