WAES School-funding Reform Update, January 5, 2010

From the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools.  Table of contents below; pdf of full update here.

* Sign petition urging legislators to consider “A Penny for Kids”
* Governor’s school-funding reform … raise property taxes?
* UW education dean wonders if a “Race to the Top” is what is needed
* Neenah, Stevens Point deal with school budget deficits
* School-funding formula is moving the pain around the state
* New school but old funding problems for Greenfield
* Greenfield joins WAES, but your help is needed
* School-funding, education reform forum set in Middleton, Jan. 28
* Rep. Mark Pocan talks funding reform in the Lions’ Den
* Gazette surprised Wisconsin spends less than average on schools
* IWF, WTA note drops in Wisconsin’s spending and taxing ranks
* New report says better early education would benefit the economy
* Correction to an earlier story
* Help WAES correct e-mail update glitch
* School-funding reform calendar

You can now connect with WAES on Facebook!  If you haven’t yet, take a few minutes to learn about Penny for Kids and sign the Petition here.

Thomas J. Mertz

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