(Essentially Nothing) Is This the Best They Can Do?

Billy Preston, “Nothing from Nothing” (click to listen or Download

I just read State Representative Kim Hixson’s press release on the passage by the Assembly Education Committee of Assembly Bill 150, creating a state level tax deduction of up to $500.00 for educators who purchase supplies for their students.  This is a fine idea, but really nothing to brag about.

The logic as I see it is,  A)Public support of education is on the decline (they know this because they passed the budgets and left the “formula” and these are the sources of the decline); B)To make up for the decline educators are reaching in their own pockets to buy supplies (at an average annual rate of $1,752 according to this); C) Therefore we will change the tax code to slightly ease the burden on teachers.

It get’s worse.  The legislation only applies if there isn’t a concurrent Federal deduction in place, like there has been in recent years and is expected to be in future years.  Thanks for nothing.

I find it disgusting that this is the best they have done to adequately fund education in Wisconsin.  Nothing.

Please, remind them they can do something.  The Penny for Kids campaign is the best thing going in this area.  Sign the petition, drop the legislators a note, write letter to your local paper.  Don’t do nothing.

Thomas J. Mertz

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