Our Children and Over $400 Million

Whoever wins the Madison Metropolitan School Board seat that James Howard and Tom Farley are contesting will be one of seven people who are responsible for our children and over $400 million of our tax money.   I believe that as of this writing AMPS is the only place (newspaper, website, television station, radio station…) that has reported Howard’s challenge to Farley’s nomination papers and Farley winning that challenge and a spot on the ballot.

I think that the position of School Board member is important and that developments like these are “news.”  I find it distressing that none of the professional media outlets seem to agree.

To give a fuller picture of local coverage it should be noted that Susan Troller covered earlier portions of this story in the Cap Times (herehere and elsewhere); that Joe Tarr picked up on AMPS coverage for the Isthmus/Daily Page; and that the last story to appear in the Wisconsin State Journal declared uncontested races (this week, Gayle Worland of the WSJ has filed worthwhile pieces on 4K and the Badger Rock Charter School effort).

Thomas J. Mertz

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