Action to the South

At Fred Klonsky’s Blog there was recently a mini version of an AMPS type “Buzzsaw/Cuts” post on school budget issues in Illinois:

On this Saturday morning, this is how the state of Illinois is dealing with its school funding crisis: In Lemont, in Galesburg, in East Richland, in Hoopston, in Kaneland, in Waukegan, in Eldorado, in Jasper, in Elgin, in Knoxville, in Indian Prairie District 204, in Plainfield, in Ottawa, in Orion near the Quad Cities, and in Quincy.

I can’t say if the state and school budgets are worse in Illinois or Wisconsin and it doesn’t really matter which has gone further or faster in the wrong direction.  Both are in bad shape and both states are dominated by politicians who believe their re-elections are more important than addressing this reality and the lobbyists and donors who reinforce this message.

At least in Illinois, people are fed up enough to try to make their voices heard.  They have formed the Responsible Budget Coalition.  The video above is from their February 17 rally.  Below is their “We Can’t Wait” video.

We may not have thousands at the Capitol yet, but interest in tax and budget reform is growing and thousands in Wisconsin have signed the Penny For Kids petition.  Click the link to join them.

Thomas J. Mertz

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