Stand Up for Schools – MMSD Budget Hearing Monday, March 22

Progressive Dane has been working with others to coordinate some of the Madison school supporters for this Monday’s Budget Hearing and the rest of the process.  Here’s the message from PD:

MONDAY: Stand Up for Schools!

Help Keep Our Schools Strong!

We all know that what affects the city, impacts the schools and what affects the schools, impacts the city and our neighborhoods. Their fate is tied together. With the looming $30M hole in the school budget, now is the time to let the School Board know what we need to keep our schools, our city and our future strong. Unfortunately, the School Board has been handed terrible news from the State and are left to try to pick up the pieces. We need to find a way to manage this mess without decimating the schools and affecting our kids’ futures. Saving $300 on taxes is important to many in these economic times, but we can’t let our teachers have all their resources taken away and expect to be able to give every child the attention they need to succeed. Without support, our achievement gap will grow and more people will choose to leave the district. To keep the district strong, we need to support the teachers and make sure they have the infrastructure they need to be successful with our kids. We can’t let this short term economic downturn impact the future of our schools.

What can you do?

1. Email the school board members and let them know we need to keep the schools strong. This address will go to all school board members, Contact information for individual members is here.

2. Show up on Monday night.

Monday, March 22, 6 p.m.
UW Space Place in Villager Mall – 2300 S. Park St.

Bring your kids cuz if you can’t stay for long, you can still stand in support of initial speakers that will ask to keep our schools strong. When you register write the statement “Invest to Keep our Schools, City and Future Strong” or something similar on your registration statement.

3. Stay and speak if you have time.

4. Join the Facebook group.

Monday night is important, because it is the first and only public hearing before the budget amendments are due. The last public hearing is after the amendments have been made and things are on the chopping block. If you need more information on the budget, it can be found here. The information about what could be cut is found here, but it’s a bit overwhelming. While closing schools is likely off the table, there is still much there to look at that will have a big impact on our children’s education.

Hope to see you Monday night!

TJ Mertz, Co-chair and Education Chair
Brenda Konkel, Policy Chair

Make your voices heard!

Thomas J. Mertz

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