Megan Fox Video (really)

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The post title should get the blog hit count up.

This is a great video on the school funding situation in California featuring Megan Fox and her significant other Brian Austin Green.  Really great.

Things aren’t this bad in Wisconsin yet, but they could be soon.  Get involved with the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools and sign the Penny for Kids petition to make sure they don’t.

I also like the last line when Megan Fox says: “Call, write and annoy the Governor till he cries for his mommy. ”  Jim Doyle’s a lame duck, but you might try Mark Pocan (608-266-8570) and Mark Miller (608-266-9170) co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee.

Background on the video from the L.A. Times here.  More at Say No to Cuts.

Thomas J. Mertz

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  1. karen raymond

    This is ridiculous to make so many cuts. These children will grow up and some will become your care workers at the end of your life paths, if they are lucky enough to even pass the test to graduate. We all know that these children are the future so give them changes to achieve this and prove it to us all.

    The education environment is all some of these children have for structure, so to destroy our system would be a disaster for them and we would have to spend more money on rehab instead of our education.

    These children really need our help in the school system. For some, this is there outlet from home and routine to succeed. These children are our future, so we need to let them prove it by offering a great school education to further them into careers. If we fail, then they fail, and when we are old, they are the generation that will either make our world a better place and help take care of us, or a disaster. Monies will be spent on rehab for these young adults resulting from a poor education with no guidance for the future. The problems that could and will occur from school cuts are far more serious and need to be addressed as a system that works now, that should be improved and not taken away from our kids.

    I have seen good teachers and staff get cut and already children struggle. To have larger class sizes and less staff, it puts children at risk and takes away the learning process. I don’t have an answer to the shortfall of funds, however to fix the issues is not to cut positions in the schools and to not close them down. This is a sad message to our next generation that when things get hard, than just stop helping and caring.

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