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Catching up on some links and stories.  Some new, some old.

The initial Milwaukee Public Schools budget is out: FY11 Budget Proposal; Superintendent’s detailed overview; What’s happening in other districts?
. $33 Million in cuts and 682 jobs on the line.

Two Stories from Education WeekSchool District Funding Woes Increase and Districts Report Grim Outlook as Stimulus Fades.

A couple of letters to the editor with the right ideas: Richard Banks, “Invest in schools now, not prisons later” and Jane Albert, “Pass extra sales tax to support schools.”

Along the same lines as Jane Albert’s letter, Matt Hrodey on the Milwaukee Magazine NewsBuzz site writes all about “Our antiquated sales tax.”

As I’ve said many times, the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent SchoolsPenny for Kids campaign is the best thing going in school funding action.  Sing the petition; get involved.

The Wisconsin Way “Blue Print” is out.  It is a decidedly mixed bag, but does call for a sales tax bump to fund education.

The Reedsburg Times-Press asks “What now for schools?” and the Oshkosh Northwestern provides a reality based answer: “School closings, budget decisions fueling distrust between parents and districts.”  Depressing, but true.

In Oshkosh the problems also include “crowding, mold, mice.”

In the Dells,  “School board hears warning of budget cuts.”

One more, on a hopeful note:  “Sen. Harkin proposes $23 billion bailout for schools” (estimates of Wisconsin’s share here and here, about $400 Million).   Diluting that hope is the fact that Wisconsin — like many other states — basically used the ARRA state stabilization funds to replace state aid, resulting in a net loss for schools and that big funding cliff referenced in the second set of links.

Thomas J. Mertz

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