Mark Pocan’s Ear

If you live in the 78th Wisconsin Assembly District, your Representative Mark Pocan wants to hear from you and he wants to hear from you about the “revenue crisis facing our schools.”  He’s listening; it is time to speak loud and clear.

In his latest mailing to constituents the last question of his survey reads:

Given the revenue crisis facing our schools, how would you direct additional funding towards K12? (please select one)

____Increase property taxes

____Increase sales tax by 1c under a “Penny for Kids” proposal

____Close corporate tax loopholes

____Redirect current revenue collections towards K12


Other than the “please select one” this is great (I think closing corporate tax loopholes and Penny for Kids should both be in the mix).

If you threw your copy out already, you can download the survey here and mail it to the address included.  You can also email him:  Do sign the Penny for Kids petition too.

If you don’t live in his district, think about doing it anyway, but indicate where you live or send it to your Rep (Pocan cares — maybe too much — what voters outside his district think).

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

Thomas J. Mertz


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3 responses to “Mark Pocan’s Ear

  1. Kristen Nelson

    Thank you for posting this! I got that piece of direct mail today, but I was so mad when I didn’t see anything education-related on the front or the back, that I didn’t even bother to open it up. I have now rescued it from our recycling bin and will mail it back in…

  2. Talk to your neighbors and make sure that they didn’t also recycle prematurely.

  3. Laura Chern

    If I were in his district I would write that the state should fully fund their part of the formula (the 66%). This hasn’t ever been done. It would require that state tax revenue be increased either by raising sales tax (on alcohol perhaps) or by increasing the income tax on wealthy individuals (or by doing both).

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