On the Agenda — MMSD Board of Education, Week of June 20, 2010

Note: For a while, I’m going to be illustrating the “On the Agenda” posts with various graphs documenting achievement gaps in MMSD as revealed by the admittedly flawed and limited WSAS/WKCE results. I think regular reminders may do some good. Note also that despite recent progress, 32 point gap remains between children in poverty and those more economically secure.

A busy and important week for the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education (all meetings listed here, the only agenda document posted).

The important meeting is tonight’s (June 21).  This has been called a “retreat” and an organizational meeting. Apparently this calls for a change of venue; they will be meeting at 5:00 PM, Lowell Center, 610 Langdon Street, Room 118.  Among other things, this almost certainly means that meeting will not e carried by MMSD-TV.  There are  no public appearances.

Four items on the agenda and no linked documents in the original.

1. Presentation on Parliamentary Procedure

2. Goal-setting workshop surrounding best practices on the work of effective school boards, establishing MMSD-specific goals and mutual expectations to guide the processes by which the School Board accomplishes its work; and identifying specific areas of focus and priorities for the work of the School Board in 2010-2011.

3. Draft Board Ethics Policies (draft revisions to Board Policies 1540 and 9000)

4. Next Steps for Future Board Development Meetings and Topics

What this is all about is what the Board wants to do in the next year and how they intend to go about doing it.  I’ve heard rumors a Five Year Budget project (with a Committee of Board members being formed), a Committee Restructuring, desires to reform the annual Budget Process (Yeah!), and Ethics policies designed limit conflict in public meetings.

I really hate that matters of such import will discussed and perhaps decided without any direct input from the public.  Maybe,  just maybe “stakeholders” would have something to contribute to setting the goals for the Board and the district and maybe interested citizens might have some ideas about how things could be better accomplished.   When things are done in this manner it is hard to take seriously the Board and district’s expressed desires for community engagement.

Other meetings This week:

Tuesday, June 22 MMSD Building Services, 4711 Pflaum Road, Large Conference Room
1:00 p.m.
Collective Bargaining – Exchange of Proposals
Initial exchange of proposals and supporting rationale for such proposals in regard to collective bargaining negotiations regarding the Local 60-Custodial Collective Bargaining Unit, held as a public meeting pursuant to Wis. Stat. §111.70(4)(cm).

Wednesday, June 23, Doyle Administration Bldg.,545 W. Dayton St., Room 103
5:00 p.m.
Special Board of Education Meeting (agenda items 1 and 2 in Open Session)
1. Approval of Minutes dated June 7, 2010
2. Proposed contracts between Google, Inc. and MMSD for the provision of “Google Apps” education edition, including but not limited to “Google Docs” and “Gmail” electronic mail system functionality and services, and for the provision of email archiving functionality and services
Special Board of Education Meeting Continued in Closed Session
3. Review of and Receipt of Advice from Counsel regarding Disciplinary Proceedings and Decisions involving Individual Students, Including a Request for Reconsideration of a School Board Disciplinary Order, pursuant to Wis. Stat. §§19.85(1)(a), (f), and (g); and 118.125 and/or
4. Employment Matter (the closed session agenda items noticed under this heading shall be begin and be taken up by the Board no earlier than 6 p.m.):

a.Consideration of proposals, if any, to resolve a pending personnel matter involving the contract of an individual employee within a bargaining unit, pursuant to Wis. Stat. §§ 19.82(1) and 19.85(1)(c)
b.  A private conference concerning the renewal or nonrenewal of a teaching contract, pursuant to Wis. Stat. §§ 19.85(1)(b) and (c); 19.82(1); and 118.22(3)

c. Deliberations and determination of action to be taken with respect to the renewal or nonrenewal of a teaching contract, pursuant to Wis. Stat. §§ 19.85(1)(b) and (c); and 118.22(2)

5.  Adjournment or, if necessary, motion to continue the meeting in open session for the purpose specified under item 6, below.
Special Meeting of the Board of Education Continued in Open Session (if necessary) immediately following the conclusion of the closed session agenda
6. Determination of action to be taken with respect to the renewal or nonrenewal of a teaching contract.

Thomas J. Mertz

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