Updated — (Not) On the Agenda — MMSD Board of Education the Week of September 20th, 2010

Note: For a while, I’m going to be illustrating the “On the Agenda” posts with various graphs documenting achievement gaps in MMSD as revealed by the admittedly flawed and limited WSAS/WKCE results. I think regular reminders may do some good.

Update: The Equity and Decision Making meeting has been canceled due to overlapping membership schedule conflicts and the weekly agenda has been posted (as of now — 12:54 pm — the agenda does not reflect the cancellation).

As of this writing, no agendas have been posted linked to the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education web page.  However, the Board Calendar shows three meetings today:

Special BOE Meeting-Closed, Start: Sep 20 2010 5:00 pm,  Doyle Administration Building, 545 W. Dayton St.,Room 103

Ad Hoc BOE Meeting-Five Year Budget Plan, Start: Sep 20 2010 6:30 pm, Doyle Administration Building, 545 W. Dayton St., Room 103

Ad Hoc BOE Meeting-Equity and Decision Making, Start: Sep 20 2010 6:30 pm, Doyle Administration Building, 545 W. Dayton St., Room 100A.

I’m assuming that the closed meeting is a continuation of the Superintendent Evaluation.

The other two are part of of the new Committee structure (Ed Hughes posted on this topic).

As with so much involving MMSD these days, I’m taking a wait and see attitude.  I will say that I am glad to see equity given attention and linked to decision making (doesn’t equity-driven decision making sound like a better idea than “data-driven” decision making).

Thomas J. Mertz

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