Marj Passman on the district’s budget dilemma

Marj Passman appeared on WORT this morning to discuss the $10.5 million dollar budget shortfall facing the district due to the state’s QEO/Budget Cap squeeze. Tony Castañeda was the interviewer and you can hear it here.

Robert Godfrey


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3 responses to “Marj Passman on the district’s budget dilemma

  1. Barb Schrank

    While still a large budget shortfall (around $8.5 million) for the upcoming year, the MMSD administration provided the School Board on Monday, February 26th, with an update based upon the Governor’s budget. The School Board, with the administration’s help, will be deciding how to use this information in the upcoming budget planning process and has asked the administration to continue to provide similar information as they learn of it during the budget process.

  2. Ed Blume

    Tony Casteneda ought to be taken off the air, for being a liar when he calls a “Republican front” and other disparaging remarks.

    For a guy who poses as a hip cultural alternative champion, he’s too busy licking the boots of the establishment (Cartensen, Passman, Keys, Rainwater, and Mathews) to provide any thoughtful insight on school board races.

    You are a fake, Tony.

    You complain about the MMSD not hiring enough teachers of color, yet you support exactly those people in power who didn’t hire enough teachers of color.

    In discussions with me, Tony, you’ve tried to accuse those who want change of causing low scores among minority and low income people, while you cheer for the people in power who could and don’t change curriculum to improve scores for low-income students and students of color.

    You and Marge complain that new teachers don’t get paid enough, while the people you support are the ones who cut closed-door deals with MTI to maintain the salary structure that keeps entry-level salaries low.

    You talk about polarization on the board, Tony, while your comments feed it.

    I’ve never had any respect for you, Tony, and neither should any one else, even Carstensen, Keys, Passman, and the others who use your smug phoniness to preserve the status quo.

    I encourage people not to contribute to WORT until Tony is taken off the air, and not to attend events where Tony’s band plays.

    Oh, by the way, Marj didn’t make a single suggestion that I heard on how to balance the budget. Doesn’t she have any ideas?

  3. Ed Blume

    AMPS, you should remove Tony’s comments, which clearly violate you standards of etiquette.

    I know you won’t because you silently condone Tony’s divisiveness and unfounded attacks on people who want to see the MMSD be so much more than it is today.

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