One of Madison’s Own

Kaleem Caire, a person with deep roots in Madison and an old friend has recently started The Next Generation Foundation an organization whose mission is to “To increase school participation and success rates of adolescent males of color, and prepare them to succeed in college preparatory high schools and higher education.” They are currently working only in the Washington DC area, but as Kaleem put it his “heart will always be on Fisher Street” and he would like to bring the programs to Madison.

The recent Isthmus story on “disconnected youth” highlights the need for the work Kaleem is doing. Kaleem’s background as a “semi-disconnected youth,” experience and connections in Madison make me believe that Next Generation could do much good here. We should all try to help him bring his work back where his heart remains. I’m going to.

Please, do take the time to check out what the Next Generation Foundation is doing.


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