Young at Art March 3rd thru April 15th State Street Gallery in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art at 227 State Street.

Organized biennially,Young at Art presents works of art by Madison Metropolitan School District students in kindergarten through Grade 12. The exhibition is the result of a long-standing collaboration between MMoCA and the school district’s Fine Arts Department. Each of Madison’s public school art teachers is invited to submit up to three works of art for the exhibition. This process yields a full range of technique,subject matter, and media, including drawing, painting, collage, photography, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, fiber, and computer-generated art. All works on view in Young at Art demonstrate students’ imagination and talent.

Young at Art underscores the value of early and continuing exposure to high-quality art education. The exhibition calls attention to children’s creative potential, to the scope and variety of individual expression, and to the excellence of art instruction in Madison’s public schools.

Young at Art is organized by the education department of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and Madison Metropolitan School District. Funding has been generously provided by a grant from James and Sylvia Vaccaro; the Theda Clark Smith Family Foundation; the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission with additional funds from the Madison Community Foundation, the Overture Foundation, and the American Girl Fund for Children; a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin; and the Art League of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Memorial Art Department is proud to announce its deep participation in the 2007 ‘Young at Art’ exhibit taking place at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMOCA). The dates of this biennial exhibition run from March 3 to April 15th, 2007, and features the . Young at Art features works of art by Madison Metropolitan School District students in kindergarten through grade 12. The location for this exhibit is the State Street Gallery in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art at 227 State Street. Memorial community members are encouraged to view this show and see these artists represented by their art works:

Anna Hutchcroft submitted an 8×10 digital photo she created using photoshop techniques she learned in Photo 2 after being asked to write a paper on a professional photographer and then create work inspired that photographer.

Samantha Starich painted a watercolor self portrait for her painting and printmaking class.

Daniel Kazel’s work is in nickel silver with black onyz bezel settings.

Grisha Kamyshnikov’s Charcoal Drawing is a reconstructed composition from a photo, his attention to details make this piece stand out.

Spencer O’Rourke’s Charcoal Drawing is also reconstructed from a photo, his subtle treatment of texture brings this portrait to life.

Lauren Peterson’s silver gelatin print is a self-portrait, impeccable printing technique as well as hand coloring add to this images story.

Randa Soubra’s submission is a 5 part illustration created in Adobe Illustrator that contemplates life’s journey
with images and text.

Sarah’s art uses subtle color and detail to allow a moment of thoughtful reflection and was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Maggie Peterson’s art is a statement about the connection between consumer necessity and the animal spirit and was crafted in Adobe Photoshop.

Alex Renier created a ceramic tea bowl capturing the elegance and spirit of the tea ceremony, while adding a beautiful surface through employment of engobes and salt-glaze firing.

Samantha Starich designed and sculpted a very refined and detailed mask based upon a myth, while doing a superb job of revealing emotion and character.

Claire Ostroms’ form is perfect for the 2oo year-old Japanese Raku firing, and is equally well-married to her inventive and expressive motivations.

Grade 12: Julie Meyer, Lauren Knepper, Ashton Schwerin, Amanda Murray, Lewis Oleksy
Grade 11: Amy Hoag, Alexandra Jefferson, Natiesha Bailey
Grade 10: Catherine Kim.
Their artwork was selected to be featured in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Young at Art” exhibition.

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2 responses to “Young at Art March 3rd thru April 15th State Street Gallery in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art at 227 State Street.

  1. Barb S

    This exhibit is a wonderful showcase for talented MMSD art students and is an excellent example of a financial collaboration between MMSD and a community organization. I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibit and I encourage everyone who has a chance to visit this exhibit before it ends. Congratulations to all Madison’s art students as well as those who were selected for this exhibit.

  2. Troy Dassler

    I would also like to inform you all that four Leopold elementary school student’s work have also been selected to be displayed. One of whom, is one of my students-Eric. He attended the reception and basked in all of the attention and well-earned praise. We have wonderful art teachers at Leopold. Sonja Valle, a long time art teacher in the MMSD, is an artist herself. I am proud to work with her in educating Madison children. I too encourage all to attend the exhibit. It is amazing because it is our future.

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