Latest Update on MMSD Advocacy Effort on State Public School Funding from Arlene Silveira

Wednesday, April 25, 6:30pm, location TBD

Next Legislative Action Team meeting. A more detailed agenda will be available next week. Highlights: Empowering the community to lead the effort in legislative advocacy action items – next steps

Let Your Voices Be Heard

Please let your voices be heard regarding the Governor’s budget. Email, call or visit your Madison delegation and joint finance committee ASAP. We want our Madison legislators to say, “Wow, this is really important to our community. This needs to change!” Letters to the editor of both newspapers will also help.

Let’s share: if you have written letters, made calls, etc., *please share* what you have sent as well as the responses you may have received.

April 19 Press Conference
Mark Your Calendars, April 19 Press Conference

Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts will be having a press conference on April 19 at 10:00am in the Assembly parlor (2nd floor, west wing). *All are encouraged to attend!!* This press conference is to promote a joint resolution that she introduced in the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate that demands that the Legislature fix the state school-funding system by July of 2009.

The resolution says that fixing the system is the job of the legislators. It also lists some key components of a new school finance system. If you can attend the press conference to show support for this resolution and for the legislators who have signed on, please do so. We need to make a strong showing in support of this resolution. The resolution is linked here.

*Student Senate* – The student senate of our high schools have joined our cause. Representatives from the student senate will be attending the April 19 press conference at the capitol. They will also be holding their own press conference on state funding on April 19 prior to the Board’s evening public hearing on the budget at Memorial High School. Thanks for your support. Any questions or comments, please let us know.

Arlene Silveira

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One response to “Latest Update on MMSD Advocacy Effort on State Public School Funding from Arlene Silveira

  1. Laura Chern

    I was at the Capitol today and went to see where this is being held. When you enter the Capitol from the street, you are on the ground floor. Go up two levels. The Assembly Parlor, where the news conference is being held, is in the West Gallery (State Street Entrance). It is left of the Assembly. If you feel lost, ask at the information desk in the rotunda located at the King Street side of the Capitol.
    See you there,
    Laura Chern

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