Next Steps on School Finance Reform: Take Action NOW

The Wisconsin Assembly has referred the Pope-Roberts resolution to reform public school finance by July 2009 to the “Education Reform” committee, chaired by Rep. Don Pridemore of Hartford in Washington County.

People should be contacting Rep. Pridemore (267-2367, to push for a Legislative hearing on school finance reform.
People in Pridmore’s district ESPECIALLY need to be contacting him.

Here’s a map of his district.

If any of you have contact to the Waukesha parents yesterday or know of people in Rep. Pridemore’s district, please pass on his phone number to them and have them call his office. This is the time to exert some pressure to push for a hearing on school finance. A hearing is a way to push the issue to the top of the pile of issues the Legislature must address.

Beth Swedeen


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2 responses to “Next Steps on School Finance Reform: Take Action NOW

  1. Karen Bassler

    Beth: I think it would be helpful to track media coverage of school funding issues. I’ve started compiling a list of articles and features – is there a way we can add links to those on this website?


  2. bswedeen

    The LaCrosse Tribune reported today on yesterday’s press conference on school reform, saying:

    “The chairman of the Assembly’s Education Reform Committee, Rep. Don
    Pridemore, R-Hartford, said he hadn’t been asked by anyone yet to
    schedule a hearing on the issue. Pridemore said he hadn’t decided
    whether he would or wouldn’t hold a hearing.

    ‘I was really hoping that they would at least hint there was a plan
    they were bringing forward,’ he said. ‘You can set all kinds of
    deadlines, but if you don’t have solid plan it’s all for naught.'”

    It would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful if folks would call his office right away and request a hearing, particularly folks living in Washington County (Hartford is his hometown).

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