What You Can Do to Support MMSD School Finance Advocacy Group: An Update from Arlene Silveira

The Board meeting on the evening of Wednesday, April 25 will be at 6:30pm at Wright Middle School. The purpose of the meeting is to outline a long-term advocacy strategy, empower community members to move this forward, discuss best ways of communicating. This will be an interactive meeting with the community. The agenda is below:

1. Update of legislative activities since the March 29 meeting (come and share any info you have on your advocacy efforts and responses from legislators or other community members)

2. Planning for long-term legislative advocacy to change the revenue limit law for K-12 public schools (break into small groups to talk about different strategies and prioritize our top issues)

3. Identification of people who would continue to lead the process of advocating to change the revenue limit law (does anyone ant to take a role in leading the different strategies we outline)

4. Next steps and action items


In your advocacy efforts, if you have encountered questions that you could not answer, please let us know in advance of the meeting. We will prepare answers to these questions if possible.

If there is information you need to better advocate, please let us know. If it is something we should prepare in advance of the meeting, please let us know ASAP.

Start thinking about advocacy strategies that you can share at the meeting.

If you have any information you want to share with the group beforehand, please do so.


Thanks to all who attended the Sondy Pope-Roberts press conference on Thursday. MMSD had a great turn-out!!!! People are starting to listen.


The Lowell parent group is organizing a trip to the capitol on April 25th at 3:30pm. Visit legislators and show support. If you need more information, please contact Lynn at 242-9355, Jill at 249-4377 or email Jack @ mjtrudell@charter.net

Arlene Silveira


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2 responses to “What You Can Do to Support MMSD School Finance Advocacy Group: An Update from Arlene Silveira

  1. Ed Blume

    A much, much more pressing question is how to convince Arlene to vote not to close schools. It appears that she’s leaning toward closing east side schools.

  2. Ed Blume

    I also hope that Arlene will begin training session on how to teach people to lobby the MMSD board effectively.

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