Sen. Mark Miller of Madison is Sponsoring a Bill to Increase Special Education Funding

Senator Mark Miller (Joint Finance Committee member and Madison area representative) is supporting $130 million in additional funding for special education – his staff told an AMPS member of this in a phone call today. Consider letting Mark know you appreciate his efforts:

(608) 266-9170


It’s critical to let our elected officials know that we support and appreciate their efforts on behalf of our public schools. This could be a great help to MMSD.


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2 responses to “Sen. Mark Miller of Madison is Sponsoring a Bill to Increase Special Education Funding

  1. Barbara

    I just called — it literally takes less than two minutes — and I know that the call was appreciated.

  2. Yes, I did the same: took 30 seconds and the staff person was happy to pass on the information.

    Also, today’s State Journal had a front-page story on the massive $2.2. million cut to special education in next year’s budget. Again, the point was made that during budget hearings, very few folks came out to talk about special education cuts. Cutting special education services affects ALL students because so many of the services bring additional resources and trained specialists into classrooms to support all students.

    As the article said, it will but strains on the entire school staff and tear at building infrastructure….all the more reason to support our policymakers who are working hard to maintain and increase necessary, but often overlooked, resources in our public schools.

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