Make $$ for your school’s PTO at Hilldale’s Fair Indigo Store on Saturday May 12th–Be There!


Saturday, May 12th
At Fair Indigo Store in Hilldale

(outdoor store front)

In honor of World Fair Trade Day,
50% of Sales go to MMSD School PTOs
50% goes to Fair Indigo Foundation

When you make a purchase, identify your School. 50% of your purchase will be designated to your school PTO.

If 20 people spend $100, your school makes $1000!!

All store merchandise is eligible, even

Store hours 10-6

In a nut shell, a company called Fair Indigo is
celebrating World Fair Trade day by focusing on needy children around
the world. They are donating 50% of their sales to a Fair Trade
Foundation that focuses on needs of children in developing countries
and the other 50% to MMSD PTOs, where we focus on needs of kids right
here in Madison.

The company donates 50% of your purchase to your school. For example,
if you spend $100, $50 goes to your school.

Folks need to name their school when making purchases. That is how your school gets the 50% match.

If you don’t name the school, the money goes into a large pool that Fair Indigo will then donate to MMSD PTOs based on some “need” criteria.

Thank-you Fair Indigo Store for giving back to the community. What a great community partner for MMSD schools and our world community as well.
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