More Reasons to Keep the Pressure On!

The GOP controlled Wisconsin Assembly has formulated their budget proposal and the news for schools is not good.

Here are some of the lowlights (all figures or cuts based on the Joint Finance Committee budget, not current spending):

· Cut childcare subsidies by $52 million.
· Cut $85 million from general school aids.
· Reduce revenue limit adjustment to $200.
· Eliminate Safety and mentoring revenue limit exceptions.
· Expand the School Choice program to Racine.
· Eliminate the school choice funding restructure
· Expand Milwaukee school choice.
· Eliminate Chapter 220 integration aid.
· Cut school breakfast money.
· Cut the ELL aids.
· Cut $3 million from 4-year-old kindergarten funding.
· Make 2nd and 3d grade SAGE optional.
· Cut some SAGE expansion funds.
· Eliminate the Wisconsin Covenant higher ed guarantee.
· UW takes some big hits too…

Locally, the estimates are that under the Assembly budget MMSD would lose about $1.5 to $2 million in anticipated revenues.

The next step is for a conference committee to be formed. Time to put the pressure on all the legislators (click here to find out how). This becomes even more partisan now, so contacting Senate Majority Leader Judy Robson, Speaker Michael Huebsch as well as our local delegation might be a good idea.

For more information:

WisPolitics Budget Blog
Republican budget relies on massive cuts to avoid tax increases (Janesville Gazette)
Assembly GOP’s self-destructive budget (UppityWisconsin)

Thomas J. Mertz

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