A Rally to Help Ensure Wisconsin’s Budget Reflects Our Values!

From Vicky Selkowe:

If you’re feeling frustrated about the state budget and are worried about the competing visions for our state being debated in the state legislature, then we need you to join us tomorrow for a Wisconsin Values Event at the Capitol. Short & sweet, done in 30-45 minutes (and then you can stop by a budget conference committee member’s office to deliver a message about what the state budget should REALLY prioritize…) We need a big crowd there tomorrow to highlight these values and show the collective strength of all these organizations & individuals – hope you can join us. Call me with any questions – 284-0580, ext. 326 or 772-6046.

Help Ensure Wisconsin’s Budget Reflects Our Values!

Join us for the Wisconsin Values Event

State Capitol Building, Senate Parlor

Thursday, July 26th @ 11:00 a.m.

The Wisconsin Values Event: A large and diverse set of organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents are coming together this Thursday, July 26th for this Wisconsin Values event to provide an opportunity for policy-makers, the public and the media to hear from individuals whose daily lives are impacted by the decisions on this budget.

The organizations involved are united around the following Wisconsin values:

*Wisconsin values high quality early care and education and access to that care for all children, regardless of their parents’ income;

*Wisconsin values safe children, nurturing communities and supports for those with disabilities;

*Wisconsin values quality, affordable health care for all residents;

*Wisconsin values access to higher education; and

*Wisconsin values strong public schools.

Hope to see you on Thursday, July 26th in the State Capitol to ensure that the legislature hears our united voices calling on them to preserve our Wisconsin values!

Robert Godfrey

Update: K-12 education is a major focus of this event. One of the speakers is a Milwaukee Public Schools kindergarten teacher.

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