2008 Presidential Candidates and Positions on Education


As the presidential campaigns are moving forward, I thought it might be good to provide a summary of candidate positions on public education.

There is a very wide field of views, from those arguing for universal pre-school opportunities (Edwards) to giving parents more control of schools (Giuliani). No endorsement here… just hoping you can review the field of candidate positions on education.

You might say that it is too early to worry about this. But, consider that the candidate’s views, while they tend to change a bit during the campaign, are most heavily formulated and transparent now. Once the primaries are over, we often see less details and more vague phrases like “I support education”.

I’ve tried to list as many of the candidates as I could. Most websites have video.

– Jerry Eykholt

Washington Post – Field of Presidential Candidates for 2008 Election:

On the Issues.Org: summary of candidate’s positions on education:

A set of candidates at the NEA Meeting in July (YouTube videos):

Former Sen. Edwards:

Sen. Obama:

Sen. Clinton:

Gov. Richardson:

Gov. Romney:

Former Mayor Giuliani: ( I had trouble finding other video)

Gov. Romney

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