Closer to Reality

Here is a question from the MMSD Board of Education Community Fine Arts Task Force’s Arts Education Survey…

10. Do you agree or disagree that the MMSD School Board and Superintendent (including administrative staff, such as the Fine Arts Coordinator) need to do the following to demonstrate a commitment to and support of a comprehensive arts education:
*Engage in collaborative fundraising efforts with local arts organizations and artists.

At least we seem to have reached a place where we are honest with our questions. Instead of the mantra heard in years past that MMSD should actively seek funding from Arts groups in the community, the reality has set in that these Arts groups are equally in need of adequate financing.

A recent TCT Arts blog says much the same…
Jacob Stockinger takes you inside local arts

11/02/2007 8:50 am
Art Talk: What draws you most – artists or programs?
Jacob Stockinger —
As I’ve reported before in a front-page story in the print version of The Capital Times, the new performing arts season in Madison got off to a slow start.

Almost all major groups – from Overture Center series to the Madison Symphony Orchestra to the Madison Repertory Theatre and the Wisconsin Union Theater – have reported slower-than-anticipated ticket sales.

They all say they have not lost money, but they also say they have not made much beyond covering costs.

In short, there are many seats to fill.

I think this is a step in the right direction towards a more honest community dialog.

You can complete the Arts Education Survey at

~Janet Morrow

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