Senate Hearing Video

Randy Kunch

The testimony at the Senate Education Committee Hearing on the Pope-Roberts/Breske Resolution was beyond compelling. At times I was moved to tears. There was some anger too, but as I noted previously, the dominant theme was optimism, a belief that we (meaning the people of Wisconsin and our elected officials) can and will fix the shameful mess that is school funding in Wisconsin.

In the coming days and weeks I am going to be posting video excerpts from the hearing(video from Wisconsin Eye — the full November 15 hearing can be accessed here — , excerpts posted via YouTube, playlist of all hearing videos posted thus far, here). I chose Randy Kunch from the Phillips School District as the first post (click here to watch). Please take the five or so minutes to watch and listen to Randy and then sit down to write your elected officials or your local paper and tell them that someting needs to be done and the time is now!

Thomas J. Mertz

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