Senate Hearing Video — Doug Mering

Doug Mering

There was a good story in the Baraboo News Republic on Doug Mering’s testimony before the Senate Education Committee so I thought I’d post the video (click here to watch). One of the most important things Mr. Mering has to say is that school finance should not be seen as a Republican issue or a Democratic issue, that districts, families and children want and deserve legislators who will look past partisan posing and get to work fixing what (almost) everyone agrees is broken. The News Republic story offers some hope that this may happen. Senator Luther Olsen (Republican, Ripon) is quoted as saying:

“I know that we will not come up with a formula that will make everyone and every school district happy, but I do think it is important that we look at the school funding formula.”

Olsen chaired the Special Committee on Review of State School Aid Formula, the materials on their web page are worth reviewing

Video from Wisconsin Eye — the full November 15 hearing can be accessed here — , excerpts posted via YouTube, playlist of all hearing videos posted thus far, here.

Thomas J. Mertz

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