Primary Sources

My students have an exercise based on primary sources due soon. It seemed like a good idea to post some here.

It is hereby declared to be the policy of the commonwealth to encourage all school committees to adopt as educational objectives the promotion of racial balance and the correction of existing racial imbalance in the public schools. The prevention or elimination of racial imbalance shall be an objective in all decisions involving the drawing or altering of school attendance lines and the selection of new school sites.

An Act providing for the Elimination of Racial Imbalance in the Public Schools, Massachusetts, 1965

George Wallace 1968 television ad, from The Living Room Candidate.

Richard Nixon 1972 television ad, from The Living Room Candidate.


“Soiling Old Glory” Louis P. Masur (Boston anti-busing protest, 1976)

From Justice Stephen Breyer’s dissent in Parents Involved in Community Schools v Seattle School District (2007).

From MMSD, click image for power point (I wish they would update these).

And bonus links to recent blog entries on school desegregation from Sherman Dorn and Eduwonkette

Thomas J. Mertz

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