George Carlin on NCLB, Education and More

Warning, expletives not deleted (it would have been wrong to delete the expletives of the man responsible for bringing the “Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say on Television” all the way to the Supreme Court).

Don’t rest in peace George; keep stirring up trouble wherever you are.

Thomas J. Mertz

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One response to “George Carlin on NCLB, Education and More

  1. gary l. stout

    Carlin is accurate when he talks of the Owners of our country. I call them the Power Elite. I wrote about them and NCLB in a response to an article in the WSJ in March 2005.

    Part of what I said was:

    The Bush Administration’s NCLB agenda appears to be to insure that our public schools fail in order to attain privatization of public education, and to create an educational system to guarantee a minimum wage work force assured to support the continued monetary success of the corporate and political powerful.

    A child’s school experience s should be driven more by nurture and nature than by corporate-like quarterly reports that are more concerned with punishment and profit than appropriate pedagogy.

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