Mad City GRUMPS Are Back

There are lots of good new things on the Mad City GRUMPS (Grandparents United for Madison Public Schools) web site.

Here is their “mission statement”

Let’s Pass the November 4th Referendum!!

We are Grandparents United for the Madison Public Schools

We treasure the high quality of public education that Madison has provided our children and their children.

We want to continue to attract people of every educational and income level to Madison on the basis of the quality of our public schools.

We worry that our generation and those that follow have become more fearful of escalating property taxes than the prospect that children may be shortchanged in their learning opportunities.We ARE grumpy, ESPECIALLY when we worry about the eroding resources for public education for our grandchildren and all Madison children.

The site features a brief description of the November 4 referendum, information on school taxes since 1994, frequently asked questions, data on student achievement, and an invitation to help GRUMPS pass the referendum and provide the resources for the good work to continue.

Welcome back.

Thomas J. Mertz

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