New Name

The name of this blog has been changed from Advocates For Madison Public Schools to Advocating on Madison Public Schools.  Not much else will change.

When I participated in a focus group as part of the MMSD Superintendent selection process, the last question asked was something about “where would you like the district to be in five years?”  My answer was that I would there to be a place for friendly critics; a place for people who support the schools but also work for change and improvement.  For too long there has been a “with us or against us” attitude and no dissent or even differences of opinion are tolerated.

Often this was blamed on Art Rainwater, but the problem is wider and deeper and it is my impression that in some areas things have been getting steadily worse over the last year and one half.

It is too early to tell what influence Dan Nerad will have in this area.

I am no longer comfortable blogging as an “Advocate For,” because that smacks too much of the mindless polarized way of seeing things that I deplore.  I’m more comfortable “Advocating on.”

Not much will change, just the name.

Oh, the header image will probably change again, this was a placeholder, a quick job.

Thomas J. Mertz

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