News from CAST

From the Community and Schools Together website:

Many things going on and many new things on the web site.

We are in the last weeks of literature distribution.  Almost 20,000 homes have been reached, another 10,000 or so will be done this weekend (October 25-26) and next week we want to hit as many more as possible.

On October 25 and 26 we still need help in Fitchburg and in the Falk and Huegel areas.  Next week there will be lots of small things – including Maple Bluff and Brams Addition — and major pushes on the North side and to the South and West.

Without you volunteering, we can’t do anything.  Isn’t assuring that our schools avoid $13 million worth of cuts in the next three years worth an hour or so of your time?

To help, email or fill out this form.

New on the web site is an up-to-date Endorsement Page, including a letter signed by 49 local elected officials.

The Press/Media Page has also been updated, with videos, a radio interview, many editorials and opinion pieces, more do-it-yourself Advocacy material, and all the latest news reports.

Check out the district referendum pages also.

More updates coming soon.

Thomas J. Mertz

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