School Finance Network Releases Funding Reform Proposals


The School Finance Network (SFN), a coalition of nine organizations “committed to strengthening our system of public school funding,” will be presenting their plan to the public and the media today and Wednesday (2/3 and 2/4).  Their website is up.

Locally, there will be a press conference with Madison School Board Member Beth Moss and State Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts at today at 12:30 p.m., Glacier Edge Elementary School, Verona.

SFN has been at work on this for a long time.  They have produced a very good set of proposals.  Check it out, get involved, take action.

CAST is working with SFN coalition members and others to make sure that school funding is addressed in a positive way this legislative session.  Contact CAST:

More here from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and an earlier statement from Rep. Pope-Roberts here.

Thomas J.  Mertz

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