Dodging the Bullet — What If Rose Fernandez Had Won


Looking for something else, I recently surfed to a page on the Florida Department of Education web site.  What I found there — taxpayer funded links to some of the most notorious right-wing, anti public education organizations — made realize how fortunate we are that Tony Evers defeated Rose Fernandez, that we dodged that bullet.

Here is a partial list of the organizations on the FDE site, with links to information from SourceWatch (SW) and/or Media Transparency (MT) and/or people for the American Way (PAW).

Alliance for School Choice, PAW, SW, MT

Center for Education Reform MT.

Heartland Institute, MT, SW.

Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation, MT.

Cato Institute, MT, SW, PAW.

Center for Civic Innovation at the Manhattan Institute, MT, PAW, SW.

The Heritage Foundation, SW, MT, PAW.

Other organizations being promoted by the Florida Department of Education include School Choice Wisconsin and those friends of Rose Fernandez,  the Florida Coalition of Virtual School Families, K12 inc, and Connections Academy (here and here for connections to Fernandez).

We should all be grateful to the voters of Wisconsin that our Department of Public Instruction will not end up fronting for this frightening network.

Thomas J. Mertz


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3 responses to “Dodging the Bullet — What If Rose Fernandez Had Won

  1. T Mulligan, NBCT


    We should be worried that our department of education might become a front for WEAC as well. And really, the Heritage foundation…frightening?

    What I imagne we’ll get from Evers is years of the same. I was hoping for a little vision, inspiration, challenge. At least Fernandez might have wanted to try something new. From the perspective of MPS and districts which surround that disaster, change might have been good.

  2. Sam Garvin

    Oooooo….. “frightening network”? I can’t help but laugh at that one. Groups that want to empower parents to choose a good school for their kids? Terrifying. We sure did “dodge a bullet” – if you call the “bullet” a person who would demand change in the ever-growing, self-protectionist DPI.

    • Torrey Jaeckle

      The Milton & Rose Friedman Foundation? As in “Milton Friedman” the Nobel laureate, from the esteemed University of Chicago? “Frightening”? You may disagree with his policy prescriptions, but you’ve just seriously discredited yourself. I’m literally laughing out loud…

      Oh, and the Cato Institute too. Yes, I guess fighting for individual liberty and freedom is quite frightening… to the Left.

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