Fragrant Delusions


In another episode of feigned outrage, the new adjunct to a scorned Republican Party searching for new identity – leaderless and jumbled up with 30 years of rhetoric that, surprisingly, in just a wink of an eye, seems immensely trite, dated even – tone deaf to the body politic; behold a specimen of Wisconsin politics that can easily serve as specimen A of this “did we really talk and think like that before” mentality. We present to you – Steve Nass.

In short, the Cap Times editorial, responding in part to this, pretty much says it all. It can only be redundant to pile on with citations of this piece. Suffice to say, this crazed, destroy it all juju, is merely a taste of the Trojan Horse “Sturm und Drang” that would have awaited us if the Rose Fernandez candidacy had been successful. To cite more positive rhetoric of Wisconsin’s history, Forward!

Robert Godfrey

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