Madison School Budget Q & As and Amendments

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Last Thursday, April 30, 2009,  the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education discussed and held non binding votes on Budget amendments (video here).  Prior to that meeting Board Members asked written questions of the administration and received written responses.  In previous years all Q&As and amendments were made available to the public prior to any Board discussion of budget matters.  This year, 3+ days after that discussion and the non binding votes, this information has not been posted on the district web site (anywhere I can find it).

I have posted here the Q &As  and amendments distributed (at my request) to those in attendance last Thursday.  These include the proposal “moved forward” to do away with “Class and a Half Specials,” two amendments on Culturally Relevant staff development/support and re-allocations to pay for it that received (non binding) negative votes, but do not include an amendment on mileage reimbursements that was also not “moved forward” and an amendment to restore Ready Set Goals (of Go) conferences that was given a non binding vote of support.

I liked it better when all information was readily available well before any Board discussion or votes — whether binding or not —  on budget matters and when all discussion and votes on budget matters took place as part of the budget hearing mandated in The Wisconsin Satutes, Chapter 65.90.

Thomas J. Mertz

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