Obama, Duncan, Gingrich, Bloomberg and Sharpton


First there was “Obama Echoes Bush on Education Ideas,” then “Is Arne Duncan Really Margaret Spellings in Drag?,” followed by a very factually challenged major education speech by the President, reach out from Arne Duncan to Green Dot charter school honcho Steve Barr, the appointment of edu-preneur and Bill Gates bag man James Shelton III as head of the Office of Innovation and Improvement, now comes the news that Obama and Duncan are consulting with Newt “Blame the Unions” Gingrich, Michael “Cook the Books” Bloomberg and Al “Where’s My Check?” Sharpton on education policy (hat tip Peter Rickman, via Facebook).

Education takes some hits in the proposed Federal budget too (DOE Budget Page here).

The image above expresses my feelings better than any words can.

Thomas J. Mertz

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