2,497,139 More Reasons to Join the Walk on the Child’s Side


At this evening’s MMSD Board of Education meeting a sheet was distributed estimating that based on the budget passed by the Committee on Joint Finance,  Madison Schools will have cut (or reallocate) an additional $2,497,139 from the 2009-10 budget.  $1,857,450 is estimated to come from the revenue limit cut and $639,689 due to cuts in categorical aid.  These are very preliminary figures.

Many, many more reasons to join the June 16, 2009 Madison  Walk on the Child’s Side 10th Anniversary March and Rally for comprehensive school finance reform (details at the link).  The action begins at 11:00 AM at Library Mall and ends on the steps at the Capitol with a Noon rally.

Of course the best 873,586 reasons are the students enrolled in Wisconsin’s Schools who are depending on us to make the state  live up to the promise of  “A Quality Education for Every Child.”

Spread the word.  Be there.

Thomas J. Mertz

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