Wisconsin State Budget = Cuts to Education (special video edition)

As Governor Jim Doyle golfs and collects big checks from donors, school districts all around Wisconsin are working hard to find ways implement the cuts Doyle and the Committee on Joint Finance sent their way, while doing their best to preserve the quality of education.  Here are some video news reports.

Doyle Says Local Funding Problems Could be Worse (from WQOW, Eau Claire)

There was a time when the leaders of our state worked for progress, trying to improve conditions.  Now we are stuck with the message that things are “not as bad as they could have been” and the only thing our leaders seem interested in improving are their golf swings and campaign coffers.

State Cuts Force School Districts To Trim More In Budgets (WISC-TV, Madison)

Both Madison Superintendent Dan Nerad and John Matthews of Madison Teachers Incorporated have very worthwhile things to say about comprehensive school finance reform in this clip.  Watch it.

La Crosse Schools Brace For Deeper Than Expected Budget Cuts (WKBT La Crosse)

As Superintendent Jerry Kember points out, budget woes are nothing new to Wisconsin’s schools.

State’s Budget Plan Leaves Madison School District Unhappy (WSAW, Wausau)

More bad news closer to home for the  Wausau area (no video):

Raises, jobs on line in Merrill Area Public Schools amid budget crisis.

D.C. Everest School Board approves $1.5 million in cuts.

And more from elsewhere in the sate:

State budget plan cuts $1.5M to Green Bay schools: Proposal follows $6M already slashed by district,

Wisconsin passes budget problem on to local governments: Critics say tax system fundamentally flawed.

Even before the latest news from the state, it was impossible to keep up with all of the cuts and layoffs in districts throughout Wisconsin.

This has to end.  Be part of putting a stop to this short-sighted madness, join the June 16 Walk on the Child’s Side 10th Anniversary March and Rally in Madison!

Thomas J. Mertz

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