Walk on the Child’s Side — Reports and Thank Yous

From WKOW-TV, Madison

From Wisc-TV, Madison

Video of the full rally from WisconsinEye here.

Thank you to all who supported, organized and participated.  It was a good crowd and great to see old and new friends and allies from Madison and around the state.

As more than one of the speakers noted, the work must continue.  Some of the people there have been fighting the good fight for over a decade, but progress has been slow.

I saw many children there (including my own) and their futures can’t wait.  The effort to move Wisconsin to a system of adequate and sustainable investment in education needs more people doing more (one friend noted that everyone we need was there, but not in the numbers we need).  The pressure on our state leaders has to be constant.

Become part of this effort by signing on with the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools and the School Finance Network.

More to come.

Thomas J. Mertz

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