Headline of the Day — “School budget decreases, tax levy increases”


Parilament, “Up for the Down Stroke” (click to listen or download)..

This headline from the the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen succinctly captures what is happening all over Wisconsin, including Madison.  This is what the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools and the School Finance Network are talking about here.  This is why we need Pennies for Kids to meet the unfolding crisis and why we need comprehensive reform to assure a strong and prosperous future for our state.  This is why you need to get involved.

Here are excerpts from the story on the Waupun Area district:

School budget decreases, tax levy increases

…“It’s a concern Randy [Refsland, district administrator] and I have because next year’s budget might look even tougher,” Zeininger said. “The state of Wisconsin is in bad shape and I think it’s going to take longer than just this year to turn things around.”

…“With economics the way they are, I have real sympathy for the tax payers,” Lori Lemmenes, school board president, said. “We also need to look to the future.”

Really, the headline says it all.

Thomas J. Mertz

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